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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. The page is all messed up, what am I doing wrong?

> Try switching your browser. Try Internet Explorer or Firefox.

2. Im new and I don't know how to start playing.

> You need to download the latest client to play the server. Visit the "Download Client" page.

3.My downloaded client does not load, a black box pops up and goes away.

> Get the latest PKScape client.

4. My Arcade scores dont save, what do I do!

> Open the forums in a new page or click Arcade under Forums to solve it.

5. Do I need to have a forums account to apply for moderator or administrator?

> The answer is yes. This will help keep a more active forums and help you keep informed of the server.

6. I dont know what to do in the server, im lost.

> Ask players in-game and try the forums.

Did you know that...

PkScape started as PkScape then was renamed to CanadaScape then back to PkScape?
Knew it 58,33%
Didn't know 41,67%
36 Total votes

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